Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Bunny

We had the awful tummy bug hit our house again right before Easter and it sure was NOT fun. Thankfully everyone is feeling better now and enjoying this beautiful spring weather.

I wasn't sure if we would be able to take the kids to see the bunny this year due to being sick, but we were able to make a quick trip on Easter weekend. Last year Joseph screamed when we plopped him down on the big bunny's knee, but when we moved him to the bench so he was able to sit "next" to the buddy, he did great! I didn't quite know what to expect from him this year with the big bunny! There was a pretty long line so he was able to see the other children get their pictures taken and he started getting excited for his turn. I asked him if he wanted to stand next to the bunny, sit next to him, or sit on his lap. He immediately said "Sit on his lap". I must admit, I was a bit shocked by his decision. Sure enough he ran right up to the bunny and jumped in his lap. Although it may look like J is trying to get away from the bunny in this pic (this is his shy look), he was really happy and kept looking up at him and smiling. Maddy on the other hand was terrified of that huge white bunny. She burst into tears. I was able to get her to stop crying (once she saw me standing in front of her) and this was the best pic we got.....

Joseph's "lovie" that he sleeps with each nap/night time is called "Bun Bun" and he's a satin and velour bunny with a cape on. Bunnies are Joseph's favorite animal due to Bun Bun! :) Bun bun is the name Joseph gave him and he's made by the company "Bunnies by the bay". We had to purchase 4 Bun Buns. We leave 1 at my parents house for when he is over there. We have 3 here at home. 2 of them are pretty worn out (we alternate these two daily and have to have a back up in case one gets thrown up on and has to jump in the washing machine). The newest one we call "Doctor Bunny" and he gets to go w/ J only when he goes to the Dr. and boy does J love that!!! Bun bun stays up high on Joseph's chest of drawers during the day and only comes down to be with Joseph during nap and bedtime. Bun bun sure means to world to him! Here is a pic of Bun Bun.....

Here are the past 3 years of bunny pictures....

2009 2010 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

The weather has been lovely the past few weeks! Perfect for some outside pics......and this momma has been taking a TON! My dear navy wife friend Kelley recently started her photography business: Madelyn and I met her at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Norfolk one gorgeous morning and she snapped away and captured some amazing 1st year pics of Miss Maddy. Madelyn is certainly not shy of the camera and even gives us a little pose here and there. We walked around the gardens and found the perfect locations. The following 5 pics are some of the ones Kelley captured w/ her camera and they make my heart melt!

The photographer that took our homecoming pictures last summer (Rachel Sutherland) was offering a live duckling session at the beginning of April and I simply couldn't resist! I showed Joseph many pictures of baby ducklings and talked all about it a week prior to our session. He was so excited and kept asking me daily if we could go play with the baby ducks. I was hoping that he would have a huge smile and hold the little ducklings tight, but with Joseph's just never know! When we first got to the park Joseph was intrigued by the little yellow creatures, but was a little uneasy when we asked him to touch them. Rachel worked her magic and tried her best to get him a laugh and smile, but he just wasn't having it. After he touched the ducklings for a few minutes he busted out crying and ran away from the little ducklings yelling "No like duckies mommy". Thankfully Rachel was able to capture some of him w/ them and then put them away and took some pics on a bridge there at the park with NO ducklings! The following 13 pics were my favorites from our session with Rachel.....

After the duckling session I promised Joseph that I would take him to the playground at the park and let him play. He had the best time running around and playing. Both Joseph and Maddy love to swing.
Miss Rachel even gave Joseph a prize after the session (egg chalk) which he had fun playing with....

Sweet Madelyn with her sippy cup, snack trap, and cheerios watching Elmo!

I filled up the sand and water table and it was so fun to watch both Joseph and Maddy play at the table together. My babies are growing up so fast!
I took this pic of Maddy by the tree in our front yard. I love it!!!
Maddy was playing in big brother's hair and he thought it was hysterical. Too cute!

Daddy brought them back shirts from Tailhook last year and they are big enough to wear them now!
Joseph had an Easter celebration at preschool and we were invited to the party. They went to chapel and then had a egg hunt outside in the grass. After the egg hunt they went inside to have their party! His class has a total of 7 children and they all looked so grown up sitting at the table and waiting for their food compared to the beginning of the year.
Party time!!!
Ms. Brenda (the teacher) does this fun song "Wheels on the Bus" and the kids get to line up their chairs to sing the song. They LOVE it!
I took Joseph to a playdate on Friday w/ his playgroup. How sweet is the picture below?!!!!
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the spring. We are having the best time playing outside and can hardly wait for summer!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grampa Joe and Gramma Sue's visit!

Grampa Joe and Gramma Sue came to visit us back in March! Joe's Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bob came too! It was a great visit and we enjoyed spending time with them. Here is Grampa and Gramma with "Gee Gee".
Unfortunately it rained the first day they got here, but when it stopped, Joseph was super excited to go play in the puddles.
He was even more excited that Gramma had her rain boots on and went in the puddles too! :)
Joseph enjoys playing with Aunt Roberta too!

We went down to Sandbridge beach to let Joseph play at the park and so that Grampa and Gramma's dogs could run around. Joseph LOVES climbing the rock wall at this park and can get all the way to the top by himself! What a big boy!
He made it!
Tally, Mocha, and Jett had a blast running in the water and boy was it cold! Brrrr!
Here is Grampa Joe with his dogs....
Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bob with Maddy....

Grampa and Maddy...
Gramma and Maddy......
So glad they could make it down for a visit!