Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joseph's 3rd birthday and Memorial Day weekend!

I can hardly believe my once so tiny 4lb 10 oz baby is now 3 years old and such a big boy! I recently took him to his 3 year old well baby visit with his pediatrician and he weighed 32.4 lbs (58 percentile) and was 38.5 inches tall (68 percentile). The doctor said he was really healthy and growing great! Joseph had lots of fun celebrating his birthday this year. It fell on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and we celebrated for what seemed to be a week. Then did a mini celebration on Flag Day June 14th as that was the day we were able to bring J home from the hospital after he was born! Here he is the morning of his birthday....
His big gift.....a train table!!!
Mommy bought him several educational type toys since he loves puzzles and letters these days!

We went to my parents house on his birthday to celebrate with Nan and Pop. My mom made this cupcake cake for J!
Maddy was ready to celebrate in her party dress!
Trying to hold up 3 fingers to show that he is 3 years old.

Successful at blowing out his 3 candles!

First time on Pop's sea-doo.
Daddy was brave and let Joseph drive...
The rest of us rode on Pop's pontoon boat and had fun too!
Daddy can throw J REALLY high in the pool and he LOVES it!
Swimming to daddy....
The following week we had Joseph's birthday party with his friends. We decided to have it at My Gym so they kids could run all around and have a blast. The kids all had such a great time at the party.
They closed the gym just for Joseph's party and the workers really did a great job keeping the children entertained and running the party.
Madelyn had a fun time at Joseph's party too!

This s of Joseph's favorite characters these days...
Sweet boy hiding in the balls, but mommy found him!

The birthday boy went for a fast wagon ride all around the gym during the middle of his party!
Time to eat!!!
Yummy cake!
My dad didn't want Maddy to miss out on cake, so she had a little taste also.
Waiting their turn for the zip line!

Go Joseph!!!

Joseph and Logan swimming in Nan and Pop's pool Memorial Day weekend.
Maddy played by the pool too! She's so busy these days that she gets in and out of the pool about 100 times before she's ready to go inside.
Ready for a boat ride on Pop's new boat....
Logan and Joseph wanted to drive....
We have season passes to Ocean Breeze water park in Va Beach and they opened Memorial Day weekend. Last year Joseph would barely ride the slides with Joe or myself riding with him. This year he wanted to ride them ALL BY HIMSELF! What a big boy!
Maddy only wanted to splash her feet in the shallow part of the kids area in the water park.
Cousin Jordan came to stay with Nan and Pop for a couple of weeks and Joseph was most excited to see him. Joseph loves hanging out with the big kids (he calls it) and followed Jordan everything. Thankfully Jordan really helps Joseph and enjoys helping Joseph learn.
Happy Memorial Day!

Joseph and Maddy had to sport their red, white, and blue swim suits!

Nana made chocolate covered strawberries and this little guy was in heaven!!!
Play time at the bay with cousin Jordan...
Jordan helped Joseph learn to make sand castles...

Pool time at our house...