Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hunt Club Farm and costume party

Since Joseph LOVES playing with the goats in the petting farm, we headed back to Hunt Club Farm for a fun afternoon! It was pretty chilly, so Joseph got to wear his new winter coat/hat for the first time! Our family of 3

Joseph's first "big boy" ride!

He didn't really seem to know what was going on when riding :)
Petting farm time....

Nana showing Joseph how to brush the goats. He wanted to put this brush in his mouth. Yuck!

Joseph's playgroup had a costume party this week. Isn't he the cutest Nemo ever?!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sick little boy

Our sweet little boy got his 1st ear infection this week. Thursday night when I tried to put Joseph to bed at 7:30, he cried and cried and just couldn't settle down. I rocked him, sang to him, read to him, offered him more milk, basically I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. He finally settled down by 8:30 and I thought he was asleep in his crib. 15 minutes later he was crying and screaming again. This crying continued and then around 11pm he threw up all his breakfast, lunch, and dinner from that day. :( So, we changed his pj's and sheets, and he had to take another bath. By this time he had developed a fever of 100.5 so I gave him some motrin. Our night continued with Joseph crying and not being able to sleep and his fever wouldn't go down.

First thing Friday morning I called his pediatrician and got an appt. for 2:15pm. I was worried that he might have the flu so I was anxious about getting him in to see the dr as soon as possible. Thankfully my mom came over early Friday morning to help with Joseph so I could go to sleep for a little while. Joe had to go to work. Nan and I took Joseph to the dr. and waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes. The dr walked in and after I described Joseph's symptoms, she took one look in his ear and said right away that he had an infection in his left ear. His right ear just had a ton of drainage in it and both his ear drums were swollen. She gave us a prescription for Amoxicillin and I went and filled it right away. Joseph got his first dose Friday night and he was ready to go to sleep by his bedtime. He woke at 10pm crying and Joe helped him get back to sleep. He then slept all night and woke up early this morning at 5:45am and seemed to be back to his normal self again. He's been playing all day and this is huge b/c yesterday he just wanted to be held and didn't want to play at all. He took a decent nap this morning and is now taking a really long afternoon nap! His fever finally broke this afternoon and is now back down to normal.

We are so glad this medicine seems to be working and that Joseph is feeling better. Here are a few "sick" pictures of him not feeling so well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oceana Air show

This past weekend was the last air show that Joe will be flying in....and it was right here in Va Beach! Joe had a successful air show season and we are so very proud of him! His parents, grandmother, uncle, and college friends came down to visit and watch him fly. Unfortunately the weather was not so good as it was windy, rainy, and cold. We weren't even sure if he would be able to fly at all, but thankfully he was able to atleast take off and do a couple of passes on Saturday. He did not have the weather to be able to fly his complete demo show, but he was allowed to do a few high speed passes and a touch and go. His flights got canceled on Friday and Sunday b/c of the weather.

Regardless of the weather, we made the best of it and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends! Here are the shirts I had made for Joseph and I to wear to the show!

A big thanks to Gramma Sue and Great Gramma Capalbo for watching Joseph on Friday night so I could go with Joe and his dad to the performers party at the O Club! I felt like a rock star when I got my picture taken with Joe's blue angel friend Major Chris "Kitty" Collins! Joe and Chris flew together on Joe's first deployment when we were stationed in Lemoore.
Here is proud Gramma Capalbo (Gram) and Uncle Jude watching Joe take off!
Joe's college friends came down from Northern Va and Connecticut to see him.

Gramma Sue, Grampa Joe, and Joseph amazed by the planes!

Oh mom....why do I have to wear these ear muffs??? I look silly!

Taking off...

Headed to park the plane after flying...
Our family!

Joseph loves his Gramma and Grampa!
Joe and his grandmother
Joseph loves for Gramma to read to him
He loves for Gram to read to him too!
My friend Jamie made this beautiful cake for us!

Joseph loves his sisters....Mocha and Tally (Gramma and Grampa's dogs)! Not sure if Tally is a big fan of Joseph, but Mocha let him play! Check out this video!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Future soccer player and great yard sale find!

Joseph has really enjoyed playing with bouncy balls the past few months! He usually carries them around the house or outside and throws them every chance he gets. Recently he has started kicking them (and then laughing uncontrollably) and running after them. I just love watching him get so excited when he plays! Looks like I might be a soccer mom before too much longer!

Last weekend I went to a couple of neighborhood yard sales and I found this great swing set and got a super deal on it! Joseph LOVES swinging and going down the slides and now he enjoys pushing the empty swing and watching it go back and forth.

Uh oh! Looks like I have some work to do to teach J that we go "down" the slide and not climb up it!

Cute closeup pics!

Earlier this week we spent over and hour playing in the garage one warm afternoon.

Hey....I found my beach toys! I was wondering where these were hiding!

Fun playtime with daddy!

Joseph's favorite thing to do when Joe gets home from work is peel his velcro patches off his flight suit and then stick them back on!