Sunday, May 30, 2010

Madelyn is 2 months old!

Our baby girl is already 2 months old! Time sure flies! She's been in a bunch of pain the past 2 months with this terrible reflux. She's been to the G.I. dr and started taking medicine for it at 1 month old. She had her 2 month well baby visit last week with her new dr. (we switched pediatricians recently). The new dr felt so sad for her b/c she cried, and cried, and cried, the entire time we were there. I told the dr that this is how the past 2 months have been. Madelyn has been crying NONSTOP all day long, half the night, and has been in so much pain. She told me to stop the nexium that she was on since she wasn't getting any relief from that med. She prescribed prevacid solutabs and I was hesitant with that b/c that was the 2nd medicine that Joseph tried and it did NOTHING for him. Well, wouldn't you know, my crying, miserable baby was an entirely different baby the day after we started giving her the prevacid! She no longer seems to be in much pain and she "hangs out" without crying nonstop!!!!! She is now a happy baby!!!!! The current dose of prevacid seems to work great during the day, but her pain returns in the evenings. She arches her back and screams when the reflux comes up at night. I am planning to call her dr this week and see about increasing her dose so she can get the meds in the evening too instead of just once/day. She's still waking to nurse every 2-3 hours and until I know she is not in pain anymore, I will keep getting up with her. We're all about sleep training, but I want to make sure she feels better before we start that!

Here are some pics of our sweet princess at 2 months old....

Boat ride and Sesame Street

First boat ride of the season! Check out Joseph's new life jacket! Cool huh?

Pop with the babies...

We went to see Elmo and friends on the base this month with Joseph's buddy Logan! The characters dance around on the stage and talk about deployments and why mom's and dad's have to leave sometimes. It was such a cute performance and was FREE! They also gave every child an Elmo light up toy! That was Joseph's favorite part. The show was about 45 min. long and unfortunately little Joseph started having a bit of a meltdown towards the end (laying in the floor crying) so we had to leave the show a little early so he could go home and nap. Here is the write up on the website about the performance..."BEGINNING APRIL 2010, the traveling Sesame Street/USO Experience for military families will reach installations across the United States. This free show, exclusively for military children and their families, features Elmo and his friends Rosita, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Zoe, as well as free giveaways for families. The tour is part of Sesame Street's Talk, Listen, Connect initiative for military families."
Joseph and Logan waiting to go inside to see Elmo...

Cool Elmo light up toys...


Furry Friends....

Madelyn and her boyfriend

Our friend's Erik and Kelley got orders here to Va Beach after spending 6 years in Lemoore. Erik was Joe's roommate all thru flight school and his good buddy. Kelley recently had baby #2 3 weeks before Madelyn was of course that means Baby Jacob is Madelyn's first boyfriend! Here they are playing together under the gym. Jacob is super relaxed and Madeyn is trying to eat his elbow! (I told her that biting her boyfriend isn't the best way to impress him). :)
Yay! My new boyfriend! She was happy!

Our attempt to get Joseph, Madelyn, Jackson, and Jacob all in the same pic!

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day at my parent's house. Here is my mom with Madelyn as she's getting ready to nap!Joseph and Maddy sent me some beautiful flowers on Mother's Day with their daddy's help! I wanted a good Mother's Day pic to send to Joe on the carrier, and we must have taken about 100 pics of me and kids. I thought it was hard enough trying to get one kid to smile for the camera, but now with two, it's almost impossible to get everyone happy and looking at the camera!

Take 1....I'm trying to get the fake hot dog out of Joseph's mouth
Take 2....Joseph's screaming...Madelyn's ok, but looking all off somewhere else :)

Take 3....Joseph's calmed down, but now Madelyn's screaming....

Take 4....a decent picture, but we had to have fake hamburger patty in it...

So then, we moved outside to try again....

Ok, one more....SMILE!!!!!

At this point, both kids are OVER taking pics. We tried to get a good pic, but daddy got the best laugh out of the ones that we did get! :)

Beginning of May

Joseph, Madelyn, and I spent the first 2 weeks of May with my parents at their house. Joseph has lots of toys at Nan and Pop's house and he loves going to find them when we go over there.

Joseph has mastered putting the rings on the peg in the right order! We tell him which colors to put on, and he gets them and puts them right on! He can now say yellow....his version is "Yeyo"! When he's not putting the rings on the peg, he LOVES putting them on his arms.

And he is so proud of himself when he gets them on his arms!
There were a few very warm days so I set up Joseph's baby pool and let him play. He has been a little afraid of the water lately (he still LOVES baths every night, but the pool was a different story), but I hope he will get over that as I plan to spend a lot of time in the pool and at the beach this summer.

Here were pics of Joseph's long hair. He was in desperate need of a haircut, but momma was just too tired being up with Madelyn every couple of hours, so little Joseph's hair just grew, and grew, and grew. I finally took him to a Hair Cuttery, and boy was that a mistake! They didn't cut it even and it was one of the worst haircuts he's ever gotten. We went back to Pigtails and Crewcuts (a children's place that cuts hair) this time!
Madelyn looks like she's singing here!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joe's last week home with us

Joe left for deployment last week. We sure miss him, but love getting the daily emails from him while he is away! He even called us this week from the carrier too!

Here is Joe with his baby girl the morning I took him to the airport to fly to Bahrain. His flight was over 14 and 1/2 hours and he was for sure tired when he arrived.

Joe's last pic with Joseph before he left.

We took the children to the Botanical Gardens for Joseph to play in the fountains.

Joseph wasn't too sure about the fountains. He actually wouldn't even go near them. :( He seems to be afraid of the water this spring/summer. I've been trying to get him used to the water again the past couple of weeks. He LOVED swimming and playing in the water last summer, and continues to love taking baths each night, so we're not too sure why he seems to be afraid of swimming this year.

Madelyn enjoyed laying out on the grass (even if it was for only 5 minutes)!

Joe and Joseph haven't a great time with the ball!

Tummy Time!