Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot, hot, hot July!

It's been HOT in Va Beach this month. The heat index today is 115! We've been playing in the water a lot and also staying inside in the afternoon when it gets too hot. Poor Joseph had a fever and croup cough right after the 4th of July. A couple days later, Madelyn had a high fever too, but thankfully she never developed the cough. J fell asleep in his chair while watching a video the first day he was so sick.Madelyn only gets her paci and lovie blanket in her crib during nap or bed time, but she felt so sick that those two things brought her so much comfort, so we let her have her paci and lovie during the day. She prefers paci to be upside down and puts it in that way each time. Silly girl!
Joseph had to have his lovie...bun bun......when he was sick and he thought it was fun that he and his little sis both had their lovies during the day. Don't get used to it buddy! Haha!

When everyone felt better, we were able to take a few trips to the beach. Cool dude at the beach eating fruit snacks...

Sand castle fun....

Dumping wet sand on Maddy....

Maddy found her own little pool at the beach.....

Watching daddy body surf and ride the waves in....

Joseph loves his bike and he's super fast on it :)

Slip 'N Slide is lots of fun! Joseph got this slip 'n slide from a friend for his birthday. Although he hasn't quite grasped the concept of running and then sliding down it on his belly, he has invented his own fun with it!

Joseph and Maddy run up and down the "Slippy Slide" as Joseph calls it. Sometimes they actually slip and fall down, and the look on their face is priceless when their bottom his the ground.

Madelyn loves blowing bubbles in the water. She does this every night during bath time and every time she gets in a pool. She sticks her little face in the water and it's just so cute to watch.

Joe has been restoring and repainting cars lately as his hobby. Our garage has turned in to the workshop with a huge compressor that he hooks up his paint spray gun to. Recently he bought an old bike, sanded it down, bought new parts for it (like these huge handle bars) and repainted it. It turned out great and he made another one just like this for his "Key West" bike. He actually just left for Key West today for a few weeks and yes, his new bike went with him on the air lift! :)
We took the kids to play at the waterpark they have on the base here. Madelyn had a blast in the kiddie pool.

Sweet Joseph at the water park.
We took the kids to a new city park that has a spongy floor.

Joseph and his buddy Jackson having fun on the fire truck.

We walked down a paved trail behind the park and found this beautiful deck over looking the water.

Erik pushing Jacob and Maddy. My girl loves to swing.

I bought this "waterpark" at BJ's Wholesale and the children love it! Joseph quickly decided it was fun to stand on top of the slide and jump as high as he can in the air and land on his bottom to slide down it.

Joseph started swimming lessons this past week. Day 1 of swim lessons went great. He did everything they asked him to do (put his face in and head under the water and blow bubbles, and jump off the side of the pool). For some reason Day 2 and Day 3 of lessons he had tears and was hesitant to go under or even jump in the pool (which he's done for 2 years now). I think he is used to wearing his swim vest and feels confident in the water when wearing that and he doesn't get to wear it during swim lessons so he's afraid. Day 4 was better as he would go under again and jump off the wall. He has 2 more weeks of lessons in August, so hopefully he'll continue to make progress.
Here he is going under the water with his swim coach.......