Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!

My dad's birthday is the day after mine so we usually get to celebrate 2 days in a row! That sure makes a certain 3 year old and 1 year old very happy! :)

Happy Birthday Pop!!!
Snuggle time w/ daddy...
My mom made delicious cupcakes for Pop's birthday!
And look who got to blow out the candles again!!!
Maddy was making a mess on her hands so Joseph wanted to show me that his hands were clean :)

Oh yes! Maddy sure enjoyed her cupcake and she couldn't get to sleep that night until 9:30pm!!! That's 2 hours after her bedtime! YIKES! She also had a HUGE blowout black diaper the next morning. Haha!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

My mom and dad are the best!!!! Even though I'm 34 years old (YIKES) with my own 2 children now, they still make my birthdays extra special! Thanks for making it a fun evening!

Joseph and Maddy helping me open my present!

Joseph and Daddy were being silly with the party hats...
Dad came up with this idea for Joseph :)
Then we made it for Maddy too....
She didn't like it as much as Joseph did :)
Kisses for the birthday momma!

My wonderful parents!!!!
Had to have help blowing out all those candles!
This little guy loves chocolate cake...
And she does too....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkins, Fall Festival, and Halloween

The last week of October was busy for us. I carved 2 pumpkins and let the kids pick out and play w/ the seeds.
One cat pumpkin and one smiley face...
Joseph's preschool had a fall festival w/ games, prizes, and snacks. Joseph wasn't much into having his picture taken that morning, but Maddy liked the camera! Daddy also got to come home off the carrier 4 days early!!!! That was a nice surprise! He was able to go to Joseph's fall festival w/ us!

Daddy helping Joseph w/ ring toss...
She loved sticking her face thru the hole...

The preschoolers were able to go pick out a pumpkin in the mini pumpkin patch. This is the one Joseph picked...

They wouldn't look at the camera, but Joseph gave his little sis a hug...
Up went Maddy and Joseph gets a turn next!!!
My big boy Mater (from the Cars movie) and little fairy princess for Halloween...

We joined Joseph's best friend Logan in his neighborhood for trick or treating fun!
Maddy put her bucket IN the candy bowl and then grabbed handfuls of candy from Logan's daddy.
I got candy mommy!!!!
Maddy was afraid to go up to the doors at first, but once she realized she got candy, she was all about it! Silly girl takes after her momma and LOVES chocolate! She also was a little confused and started handing people candy at the door from her bucket. :)
Maddy rode in the wagon some of the time and brother wanted to pull it.
I got candy!!!!!
Joseph and Logan being brave big boys all by themselves at the scary house!
Maddy was eating a lollipop w/ the paper still on it (we didn't know it as she was riding along in the wagon and getting into her candy that was in her bucket). By the time we realized, she had just figured out how to pull the wrapper off and this is the face she was making. Haha!
Comparing lollipops :)
Checking out their candy after they got home...