Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Fun (August)

We've been busy this summer doing all kinds of fun things.  Most days we are either in the pool, at the water park, or at the beach!

Joe and I went to a "dining out" dinner w/ his squadron last weekend and we had such a fun time!  I was able to wear a dress that was already in my closet from a couple of years ago and the shoes I wore w/ my wedding dress went perfect w/ this dress!

 Joseph learned how to "skid" or "slide out" on his big wheel this summer.  He pedals super fast so that he picks up speed and then turns the wheel sharp so that he slides in almost a complete circle.  He sure loves doing this.
 Madelyn has learned to pedal and ride her tricycle all by herself this summer!  Can't believe how fast both our children are growing up.
 2 weeks ago we went to a Tides Baseball game.  This was J and M's first baseball game and we made it about 3 innings before needing to head home.  They had a Tides bounce house that J and M loved.  Another big hit was peanuts and a snow cone.  :)

Joseph took 6 weeks of swim lessons this summer (the lessons were Mon-Thurs morning for 30 minutes).  He made a TON of progress and is swimming like a little fish all under the water.  He was happy to have his best buddy at swim lessons!

J can swim over half the length of the little kid area of the pool under water!

We have a couple of beach babies that love playing in the sand and in the water.

Both kids love riding on the body board w/ their dad!

Joseph got buried in the sand.....

My kids LOVE the mall just as much as their mommy does!  Except they don't exactly like the shopping part as much as I do.  When they ask to go to the mall, the carousel is a MUST!

This kids call this sprinkler "CRAZY GUY"!  The front of him as a face w/ eyes, nose, and a mouth and 8 arms to spray water!  Crazy guy has provided lots of fun this summer.  :)