Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend in Williamsburg

While Joe went to "Tailhook" in Reno last weekend, Joseph, Madelyn, and I went with my parents in their motorhome to Williamsburg. It was nice to get away for the weekend and not have to go far. We stayed in an RV park near the Prime Outlets and Busch Gardens! The park had a wonderful play area so Joseph really enjoyed running around and playing on the playground. I got to do some shopping at the outlets so that thrilled me! :)

My mom, dad, and I took Joseph and Madelyn to Busch Gardens on Saturday. We got there when they opened at 1oam and took Joseph to the Sesame Street area of the park where he could see the characters, go on rides, and play. He loved seeing the characters put on a show and seeing them walk around, but by noon Joseph was having his full blown"terrible twos" temper tantrums with hollering and screaming as loud as he could b/c he was tired, so we headed back to the motorhome for him to nap. After his nap we went back to Busch Gardens for a couple of hours and left the park around 6pm after another full blown tantrum. :( These trantrums are NO JOKE these days. Miss Madelyn just sits there and looks at Joseph when he's having one and wonders what in the world he's doing. Hopefully as he grows and matures some, these tantrums will calm down too. Maddy was very flexible with her napping all day at Busch Gardens and snoozed off and on in her stroller.

Overall we had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful! I love the Fall here in Hampton Roads. I think it's my 2nd favorite season (Summer being my 1st)!

Here is Joseph throwing the soccer ball up in the air and the nice playground at the RV park! Look mom....I picked some grass!
Sweet boy
He loves kicking the ball.....future soccer player in the works....
Maybe a future football player in the works too!
Good throw!
We met ELMO!!!!
We also met Zoe (this was Madelyn's favorite!)
First ride we went on...
Next ride (I was kindof scared on this one and so was J)
He is on the far left. Waiting for our favorite friends to put on their show
Hi Nana! Joseph's little face just LITE up when he saw Elmo. He's saying "MORE" by signing with his hands...

He wants to get on stage with them..
Hi Big Bird!!! Zoe giving Joseph some love and he's "loving" it! :)
My sweet baby girl!
Maddy loves Zoe!
Joseph wanted to show Elmo which one was his mommy!
He stood there in awe of Elmo, laughing and smiling so big.

Big smiles from Maddy!

This was Joseph's favorite ride. He kept saying "BOON" for balloon!
Nan and Pop with their grandbabies
Hi Pop

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Our little boy started his first day of preschool on Tuesday, Sept. 7th. I struggled with the idea of Joseph starting school so young at 2 years old. Up until this month he has continued to take 2 naps/day (hour in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon) and also sleep a full 11 hours at night. We decided to go ahead and enroll him in school for two mornings/week from 9am-noon for the following three reasons: 1) The past few months he has really become a "momma's boy" and asks for mommy all the time if he is with dada or anyone else and has been really clingy to me. I want him to gain a little independence. 2) Joseph is also behind with his speech and I knew he would improve on his vocabulary if he had to communicate with the teachers and I wasn't there to speak for him. He continues to get speech sessions once/week and we are still active in his playgroup, but I wanted a little extra push for him. Finally....3) I want to spend some one on one quality time with my sweet baby girl just like I was able to do with Joseph when he was her age!

Joseph tends to be an outgoing child who certainly expresses himself loudly if you know what I mean! I was expecting him to walk right into his classroom and begin playing and never look back for mommy. However, I also wondered if he would be clingy and stand by me b/c at times he has to warm up to new places and friends. Well, he walked right in and began playing and I told him I'd be back to pick him up in a little while and I walked out. He continued playing and that was that. Although Joseph didn't cry when I left, I couldn't help the tears from running down my face and I walked back to the car without my little guy.

Thankfully preschool continues to go well and Joseph gets really excited about going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! I always ask him what he did at school and he tells me to the best of his ability what he did! So sweet! I also love to see his little face light up when I come back to pick him up!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our week in OBX

We spent the last week in August down in Nags Head, NC at a rental vacation house. We had a great week and had access to the Village Beach Club which has a kiddy pool and a BIG regular pool. The weather was great and we really enjoyed our time away together as a family of 4! I will post a photo album called OBX August 2010 soon!

Joseph ate his first popsicle...And he loved it!
My precious babies...

Madelyn napped in the wagon inside the tent on the beach! The sound of the waves crashing put her right to sleep!

The best family pic we could get.