Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family fun

My nephew Jordan and his friend came to stay with my parents the 2nd weekend in Oct. for their fall break from school. We enjoyed visiting with them and Joseph just adores his cousin Jordan.
The boys went to the neighborhood park to play and Joseph had a blast.

Joseph still LOVES reading books
Maddy makes funny faces sometimes :)
Grampa Joe (with his new dog Jett) and Maddy
Joe II and Joseph IV
Reading with Grampa
We also went to the Farmer's Market in Va Beach for a fall festival that weekend. Joseph wanted to get in the pen with the donkey.

We were watching brand new baby ducklings climb a ramp and jump off into a bucket of water. It was so cute!
Nana teaching Joseph to pedal on his bike
Pop and Sweet Maddy

Joseph and his best buddy Logan

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big girl!

Madelyn sat all by herself for the first time on Oct. 4th (6 months old)! Mommy also had Madelyn's first ballet class at home and she learned to point her toes! Already looking forward to enrolling her in dance class when she's old enough. :)
Such a sweet girl!
No hands and balancing!
I love her so much!

She does own a few clothes that are not pink....only a few. Haha!

Pumpkin Patch/Hunt Club Farm

The first weekend in Oct. we took the children to the farm for a fun morning! I learned my lesson last year that if you go earlier in Oct. it is a LOT less crowded. Joseph's best buddy Logan came with his mommy and the boys had a blast running around together. Maddy just hung out and was a good girl. We had a great time!
Which pumpkin should we get???
Hey Logan, look over there.....I see some white ones!
Joseph wanted this one...

The hay was poking J in the back, so I couldn't get a great pic of the two of them, but this is the best I got!
Sweet girl!

Uh oh! Joseph is in the cockpit and daddy is the back seater! :)
Joseph's first pony ride...
He liked it!
Not too sure about the tea cups though...
Checking out the ducks..

Climbing the hay stack...

Hayride with mommy...