Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Joseph had a program/feast at school he was so cute. We went to eat Thanksgiving lunch at my parents house and my mom made a delicious meal! Joseph and Maddy took a good nap at their house that afternoon and we relaxed some while they were sleeping. I was thankful this Thanksgiving to be living here in Virginia Beach and to be able to spend time with both our families during the month of November!
Joseph painted at school. The color of the month of November was brown and the shape of the month was those are brown squares (made with square sponges and paint) on the paper below (in case you were wondering) and also painted leaves! :)
Joseph found Mommy right away and was pointing. I thought he would take off running towards me, but he stood up there the entire time and was looking all around and observing everyone in the audience.
Everyone brought food for the feast and Joseph was grabbing ham rolls off the table (and then tried to put it back after he touched it.......luckily I caught him as he was about to do that and he put it on my plate instead. Oh boy!!!
Our table decorations were so cute! All the kids handprints from the 2 year old class where on our table (with their names under their hands)!
Here was Joseph and Maddy on Thanksgiving morning when they woke up!
Maddy loves watching Joseph.
We went over to my parents house for Thanksgiving lunch. Here is Maddy and her Daddy!
Nana and Joseph
Family picture
Nan and Pop
Joseph and Daddy feeding the seagulls bread for their Thanksgiving meal!

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