Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grampa Joe and Gramma Sue's visit!

Grampa Joe and Gramma Sue came to visit us back in March! Joe's Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bob came too! It was a great visit and we enjoyed spending time with them. Here is Grampa and Gramma with "Gee Gee".
Unfortunately it rained the first day they got here, but when it stopped, Joseph was super excited to go play in the puddles.
He was even more excited that Gramma had her rain boots on and went in the puddles too! :)
Joseph enjoys playing with Aunt Roberta too!

We went down to Sandbridge beach to let Joseph play at the park and so that Grampa and Gramma's dogs could run around. Joseph LOVES climbing the rock wall at this park and can get all the way to the top by himself! What a big boy!
He made it!
Tally, Mocha, and Jett had a blast running in the water and boy was it cold! Brrrr!
Here is Grampa Joe with his dogs....
Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bob with Maddy....

Grampa and Maddy...
Gramma and Maddy......
So glad they could make it down for a visit!

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