Sunday, February 26, 2012

January fun...

My two party animals....

Uh Oh! What's happening Maddy?
Our beautiful ballerina....

Thank you Gramma Sue and Grampa Joe for my doggies backpack. I love it!!!
And thank you Great Grampa Joe and Maureen for my froggie backpack. I love it too!
Strike the pose! Maddy loves having her picture taken these days. Brother.....not so much!
She also loves her boots just as much as her mommy loves them. :)
Now Joseph was ready to have his picture taken!
Thank you Grampa Joe and Gramma Sue for the nice balloons and lots of fun treats you sent after Joseph's surgery and thank you Nan and Pop for paying for our babysitter for Maddy so Joe and I could be with Joseph that morning during his surgery! Joseph's 1st set of tubes were no longer in the ear canal so the doctor easily removed them at a checkup appt w/ some needle nose tweezers. A month later I noticed Joseph was asking us to repeat EVERYTHING we would say to him and he was actually reading our lips when we would talk to him. When I realized this, I quickly made him another ENT appt. and sure enough he had tons of fluid just sitting behind both eardrums. We tried to give him a daily dose of zyrtec for a few weeks to see if the fluid would help clear up, but no such luck and our little guy was having so much trouble hearing. Joseph had surgery for his 2nd set of tubes on January 17th and it has made all the difference in his hearing since then. Even his preschool teacher said she noticed a huge difference in his hearing after the tubes. Hopefully this will be his last set of tubes, but we will just have to wait and see.
Joseph and Maddy had so much fun getting into the box of Valentine's treats from Nan and Pop who are in FL for the winter.
What can we do a wet and soggy January day? Play w/ our umbrellas and wear our fun raincoats and rain boots of course!

As girly as I would love Madelyn to be, she is certainly no girly girl. Girlfriend loves no more than to roll around in the dirt and mud outside and make herself a complete mess. Silly Maddy! She has drawn all over her mouth w/ blue chalk and loves collecting gumballs that fall on the deck and in the yard from the trees and pine cones.
Thought this was a pretty neat shot! I focused the camera on Joseph playing on the swing set, but the camera lens is looking through the deck rail.
Now Joseph has the blue chalk and is drawing on his play house. Boys!!!
Joseph is so funny when playing outside. He wants Madelyn to do EVERYTHING he does. He won't go play on the swing set unless she comes too. He can be quite bossy by telling her what to do and most of the time sweet Maddy listens to him and follows along.
I see you Joseph. He found a little hole when he was getting ready to slide down the slide and said "Mommy, can you see me?"!
She loves picking up sticks and rocks outside too....

Peek A Boo...
The weather was beautiful on January 31st in Va Beach so I was able to get these outside pictures! The kids loved having a picnic lunch on the back deck. Joseph is feeding Maddy....something he likes doing these days.

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  1. Oh my! Your kiddos are so so adorable and getting so big! Thanks for posting an update. Miss seeing you guys!!! :-)