Thursday, March 29, 2012

Downtown Disney

On our flight to Orlando, Maddy rested in my lap.
And big brother had fun playing Leap Pad on the plane!
The airport has a tram that goes to the baggage claim area. This was a big hit w/ our big boy!
Nan and Pop had already been in FL for a couple of months and had nice tans! We were excited to see them!
Playing w/ the Mickey statue at Shades of Green resort where we stayed...
We walked next door to the Polynesian Resort and ate a wonderful lunch.
Joseph's favorite part was the Mickey Mouse shaped plate. :)
And Maddy got to eat Ketchup for the first time and boy did she love it. Too bad she won't be able to eat it again any time soon. :( Poor girl has a terrible reaction to acid in certain fruits and to all pasta sauce and tomato based products.
Another one of Joseph's favorite parts was the Mickey Mouse ice cream sundae!!!! Yum!
Our balcony over looked this beautiful Mickey pool!
Maddy had lots of fun swimming :)
Joseph did too!

There were neat remote control small boats that the kids were able to drive.
Pop did a good job driving the little boat too!

Joseph and Maddy saw some cute birds on the ground so that's what they are smiling at.
On the shuttle headed to Downtown Disney.
We visited the Dinosaur store and Joseph thought it was really cool.....Maddy....not so much. She was afraid of the loud roars and moving dinosaurs.
The kids loved riding on the little kid train.
High fives for Daisy!
Joseph took Pop for a ride...
And Maddy took Nana for a ride...

Magic Kingdom had fireworks each night and we were able to see them right from the Shades of Green! They did red heart fireworks for Valentine's Day which were super cool!

Downtown Disney is always fun and what makes it even more fun is that it's FREE!!! The kids really enjoyed the rides and playing at the Lego store. Next post....SEA WORLD!

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