Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soccer and Dance

Joseph and Maddy are staying busy!  Maddy started another year or dance class last week and Joseph started another season of soccer!  Maddy's class is a combination of ballet, tap, and gymnastics.  She was so excited about going to dance class, but once she realized it wasn't a "mommy and me" type class and that she would go in all by herself, she was upset.  She spent her first class this year crying and refusing to participate.  Hopefully she will gain confidence and this week will go better!  She sure loves her ballet and tap shoes.  :)

Joseph's first soccer practice went well.  He's most excited that his very best buddy is on the same team this year and that's helping him have a love for soccer this season!  Joe has been working w/ him at home on soccer skills and understanding the game.  Joseph isn't aggressive when it comes to fighting for the ball, but hopefully with some practice he will get in there and score some goals!!!  He sure had a blast w/ lots of laughing at his first practice last week!  He is the one in the green shirt below...

This is Maddy's dance teacher "Ms. Mary" and the other 3 girls that are in her class.  She was smiling and having a great time until it was time to actually go in the class by herself w/ the teacher.  Her teacher is super sweet. 

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