Friday, June 26, 2009

Anniversary, Occupational Therapy, and Water Fun!

5 years ago today, Joe and I said "I do"! It was a rainy Saturday that day, but the sun came out and the rain stopped a hour before the ceremony! The sun dried the sand and I got my beach wedding pics after all (that was my biggest worry all day)!!!
Making sure you know it's been 5 great years!!!
5 great years later and a little Joseph.....
Joe and I were able to go out to a movie and dinner earlier this week to celebrate our anniversary! It was a wonderful evening.
Occupational Therapy.....Joseph had his first OT session yesterday at our house. It went GREAT! She introduced a therapy called Wilbarger Brushing Protocol that she wants to try with Joseph and see if it helps him. Based on the theory of Sensory Integration, the brushing technique uses a specific method of stimulation to help the brain organize sensory information. It involves deep pressure on his arms, hands, legs, feet, cheeks, chin, and tongue. It seems to be working great for him so far! She started with the brushing and Joseph was able to touch his "Feel and touch" book without jerking his hand away from it (which is what he's been doing for months now). He actually reached out to touch the different textures in his book for the 1st time during his therapy yesterday! We then put him in his high chair and she continued to do the brushing technique on his cheeks, chin, and tongue. She turned it into a fun game for him so he was laughing and giggling the entire time! After eating some puffs, I offered him diced peaches and he ate them with no gagging! It was amazing! I hope this therapy will continue to help him get over his texture aversions!
This week we spent lots of time in the water! We went to the beach one day and then to the pool a couple of other days!
Hanging out at Chix Beach!

Playing at the water park on base!
There we are getting ready to slide down!

Another fun day in Nan and Pop's pool.

Joseph and his buddy Hayden

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