Monday, June 15, 2009

Ocean City, MD

On Thursday morning we were all packed and headed to Ocean City, MD to watch Joe fly in another airshow! Nan and Pop drove their motor home and stayed in a rv park about 5 miles away from the oceanfront at a park called Frontier Town located in Berlin, MD. The park was great! It had a huge water park (with lots of water slides, a lazy river, a pool, and a kid water play area), a big miniature golf mountain, arcades, parks with play areas, etc. My nephew Jordan is already out of school and he was able to come on this trip too! Jordan, Pop, and I enjoyed playing at the water park on Thursday (although the water was really cold) while Nan took care of Joseph in the motor home. Joseph has a portable crib and tons of toys in the motor home so he feels right at home! On Thursday evening, Joe and his buddy Justin from his squadron flew jets down and I was able to go meet up with them and attend some social events with all the airshow performers while Nan and Pop watched Joseph. Joe always has a backup jet to fly just in case 1 of them has problems and isn't runny smoothly.
On Friday morning Joe had to brief and do a practice flight, so I did a little shopping at the Outlets in Ocean City! I spent most of the day back at the rv park with Nan, Pop, Jordan, and Joseph! We went on golf cart rides and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Friday evening was the kickoff events for the airshow. Joe and I went to another performers event that was on the beach. They had a full buffet style meal for us set up under huge tents on the beach with tables, chairs, and a band playing! After the sun set, the Army Golden Knights (parachute team) and the Navy Leap Frogs jumped out of a plane high in the sky and all landed within 10 feet from where I was standing! It was incredible to watch them jump and be so close to them! They had sparklers lighting up on their feet as they fell from the sky, and the lead guy came down with an American flag attached to his foot while they played Lee Greenwood's God Bless America on the loud speakers! What a fun night!
On Saturday, we got the VIP treatment and was able to watch the airshow from the beach right at center stage! Unfortunately the sky was full of haze so it was difficult to see the planes. We sure heard Joe flying before we could even see him! :) He was lucky to be able to fly b/c after his flight, they canceled the rest of the airshow due to the haze. Joseph and I headed home after we saw Joe fly. The drive was beautiful and only took 3 hours! The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is so very scenic so I stopped and took a few pics.
We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed spending time with the family! I uploaded pics from our trip so check them out on the right side under "Photo Albums". Here are a few of my favorites....
The shark is eating my precious boy! Oh no!
Waiting for the airshow to begin!

Hey, this is just my size, but I'm sleepy and ready for my nap!

Daddy's plane is so loud and Mommy's VIP past tastes great!

Our transportation around the rv park! Joseph LOVED the golf cart!

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  1. I miss the airshows! Now that Jimmy's not in a squadron anymore, we don't get to do those.
    Love the shark pic!