Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

Here is Joseph last year on Christmas morning!We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with our family this year. On Dec. 23rd Joseph and I spent the day with Nan, Pop, my sis-n-law Lisa, and nephew Jordan. We decorated gingerbread houses and we also went to the Winter Wonderland at Hunt Club Farm by my house. Joe had to work a full day that day, but he was able to join us for more fun on Christmas Eve.
Jordan made a gingerbread train!

Joseph got to see his favorite goats at Hunt Club Farm that night. One of them is trying to eat his leapfrog toy!

Oh boy!!!

Jordan found some chickens that liked being held! :)
Walking through the lighted maze with Nan.....

Inside the winter wonderland, Joseph was fascinated by this squirrel that kept playing peek-a-boo by popping up out of the hole.

When you ask Joseph to give you a hug, he leans his sweet little head towards your face! Here is Joseph giving Pop a hug!
Lisa and Jordan sitting on the couch waiting to see santa!
Jordan said that santa asked him "What do you want different this year"? That confused Jordan so he said, "I don't know". Then Santa said, "You don't know what you want for Christmas"? I think at that point is when Jordan cracked this huge smile and told him what he wanted!Joseph on the other hand, wanted NOTHING to do with santa this time. We had waited for a long time and it was approaching Joseph's dinner time, so I don't know if he was just hungry or terrified of santa, but he refused to sit on his lap and had lots of tears.
Joe, Joseph, and I went to Nan and Pop's house on Christmas Eve. We exchanged gifts with the family and had a fun time seeing what everyone opened! We went to the Christmas Eve service at church and then it was Joseph's bedtime so we headed home.

What is it Pop?

A picture frame of the two grandchildren!
Jordan LOVES star wars and legos, so this gift was PERFECT!

Jordan's big gift was his very own, brand new laptop! Look how excited he was...

Nan got an ornament with Joseph's picture in it!

Lisa is getting into something fun...

Joseph took a good afternoon nap on Christmas Eve and when he woke up, it was his turn to open presents!

Joseph's 1st lego set!

He got a riding/light up toy from his cousin Jordan and Aunt Lisa!

After Joe put it together, he posed for the pic!
Here is what the playroom looked like on Christmas morning...
Joseph's new playhouse....

He loves his new chair...

Time to open some presents from santa....

Look're very own vacuum!

My sweet boy took some time to come give his mommy some love!
After we opened everything...

Mommy got a stork that brought a pink towel with a baby girl!

Joseph got his favorite......BOOKS!

This child LOVES when I vacuum the house and is very interested in the vacuum cleaner, so he got his very own. It actually lights up and makes sounds like a real one!

Playtime with Daddy....

Daddy is so much fun. Ignore the fact that Joseph is standing in his new chair and might very well fall right out of it and get hurt. We have some work to do with teaching him that his new chair is to sit in and not stand in.
Christmas family pic right before our wonderful lunch!

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