Tuesday, December 22, 2009

VFA 106 Children's Christmas party and playtime with friends

On Sunday Nan, Pop, my nephew Jordan, Joe, Joseph and I went to the kid's squadron Christmas party. Joseph and Jordan had a great time playing and we all had just as much fun watching them play! They held the party in the F/18 hangar at Joe's squadron and had several bounce houses, craft projects, and pizza! Santa arrived in a F/18 and the kids were so excited to see him climb out of the jet and greet them! Joseph was running all around the party have a blast. (Last year, Joseph napped in my arms halfway through his Christmas party, so it was fun to see him really enjoy it this year).
Nan and Jordan helping Joseph go down the slide!


Joseph continues to love water bottles....

Here comes santa!!! Santa was Joe's instructor friend in his squadron! :)

Waiting in line for Joseph to see santa....

The bounce houses......if you look closely you can see Jordan on top of the middle one about to slide down. The one on the left was for the little ones and was perfect for Joseph.

Joseph did great sitting with santa, but he was sure to not get too close....you can see he's leaning away from santa and santa had to lean into him!
Once santa gave him a bear, he became santa's friend and decided to sit a little closer.

Bounce house fun....

Jordan on the big slide...

Playtime is over and we're headed home.

Joseph and I haven't been to any playdates lately with our playgroup since I went to Key West, and Joseph was sick for a couple of weeks. We were getting antsy to play with friends. Joseph's friend Sophia and her mommy came over to play this week. We tried to make J and S keep santa hats on, but no such luck. Here's the best pic we got...

Storytime with the puppet bear book!
Joseph's other friend Troy and my friend Channing came over to play on a different day. Joseph had a great time having friends come play!

Another attempt with the santa hats. No luck again!

Something was really funny to Joseph and not so funny to Troy.

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