Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skype with dada

Joseph has been able to skype with his daddy everyday since he's been gone for safety school in FL. He LOVES seeing his daddy on the computer! It's been great being able to talk and see him daily and Joseph always comes running when he hears Joe calling us on the computer. Sometimes I'll ask him, "Do you want to call daddy on the computer?" and he runs to the laptop and waits patiently for daddy to answer the call! We also recorded Joe reading several books to Joseph on our video camera before he left. Joseph sits so still and watches the video of daddy (it's only a 5 minute session of Joe reading 3 books to him) and he immediately does his sign language for "more" when the video is over. Sometimes we have to watch it 3 times before J is satisfied! :) Joe has another 2 weeks of school and we look forward to having him home soon so we can all welcome our new little princess to the family!

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