Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprise Baby Shower

The playgroup that Joseph and I belong to hosted a surprise baby shower for me and 3 other moms in our group that are all due soon with baby #2! It was such a wonderful shower and I really enjoyed spending time with my mommy friends! The girl on the far right just had her 2nd baby boy this week! The girl standing next to me is due in another week with a baby boy and the blonde mom is due a week before me with a little girl! It was so nice of our playgroup to all get together, pitch in, and have a shower for us.

There are 10 moms in our playgroup that are pregnant with baby #2 right now! 2 of them didn't attend this shower, but here is a pic of 8 of us! I have really enjoyed spending my weeks this past year with this wonderful group of moms and little ones! Joseph loves getting out of the house each week and seeing his friends, and I love chatting with all the other moms! I think it's great that so many of us are having our 2nd babies close together so they can be friends too!

Two of the moms got together and made these beautiful cupcakes. They looked and tasted like they came from a bakery!
My friend Jamie in our group lives right down the street from me. She's recently started a small business of making cakes and cookies and boy does she do a great job! The girl's got talent! She made these adorable cookies for the shower!

My gifts from the shower. Baby girl got lots of good stuff!

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