Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Our little boy started his first day of preschool on Tuesday, Sept. 7th. I struggled with the idea of Joseph starting school so young at 2 years old. Up until this month he has continued to take 2 naps/day (hour in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon) and also sleep a full 11 hours at night. We decided to go ahead and enroll him in school for two mornings/week from 9am-noon for the following three reasons: 1) The past few months he has really become a "momma's boy" and asks for mommy all the time if he is with dada or anyone else and has been really clingy to me. I want him to gain a little independence. 2) Joseph is also behind with his speech and I knew he would improve on his vocabulary if he had to communicate with the teachers and I wasn't there to speak for him. He continues to get speech sessions once/week and we are still active in his playgroup, but I wanted a little extra push for him. Finally....3) I want to spend some one on one quality time with my sweet baby girl just like I was able to do with Joseph when he was her age!

Joseph tends to be an outgoing child who certainly expresses himself loudly if you know what I mean! I was expecting him to walk right into his classroom and begin playing and never look back for mommy. However, I also wondered if he would be clingy and stand by me b/c at times he has to warm up to new places and friends. Well, he walked right in and began playing and I told him I'd be back to pick him up in a little while and I walked out. He continued playing and that was that. Although Joseph didn't cry when I left, I couldn't help the tears from running down my face and I walked back to the car without my little guy.

Thankfully preschool continues to go well and Joseph gets really excited about going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! I always ask him what he did at school and he tells me to the best of his ability what he did! So sweet! I also love to see his little face light up when I come back to pick him up!

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