Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend in Williamsburg

While Joe went to "Tailhook" in Reno last weekend, Joseph, Madelyn, and I went with my parents in their motorhome to Williamsburg. It was nice to get away for the weekend and not have to go far. We stayed in an RV park near the Prime Outlets and Busch Gardens! The park had a wonderful play area so Joseph really enjoyed running around and playing on the playground. I got to do some shopping at the outlets so that thrilled me! :)

My mom, dad, and I took Joseph and Madelyn to Busch Gardens on Saturday. We got there when they opened at 1oam and took Joseph to the Sesame Street area of the park where he could see the characters, go on rides, and play. He loved seeing the characters put on a show and seeing them walk around, but by noon Joseph was having his full blown"terrible twos" temper tantrums with hollering and screaming as loud as he could b/c he was tired, so we headed back to the motorhome for him to nap. After his nap we went back to Busch Gardens for a couple of hours and left the park around 6pm after another full blown tantrum. :( These trantrums are NO JOKE these days. Miss Madelyn just sits there and looks at Joseph when he's having one and wonders what in the world he's doing. Hopefully as he grows and matures some, these tantrums will calm down too. Maddy was very flexible with her napping all day at Busch Gardens and snoozed off and on in her stroller.

Overall we had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful! I love the Fall here in Hampton Roads. I think it's my 2nd favorite season (Summer being my 1st)!

Here is Joseph throwing the soccer ball up in the air and the nice playground at the RV park! Look mom....I picked some grass!
Sweet boy
He loves kicking the ball.....future soccer player in the works....
Maybe a future football player in the works too!
Good throw!
We met ELMO!!!!
We also met Zoe (this was Madelyn's favorite!)
First ride we went on...
Next ride (I was kindof scared on this one and so was J)
He is on the far left. Waiting for our favorite friends to put on their show
Hi Nana! Joseph's little face just LITE up when he saw Elmo. He's saying "MORE" by signing with his hands...

He wants to get on stage with them..
Hi Big Bird!!! Zoe giving Joseph some love and he's "loving" it! :)
My sweet baby girl!
Maddy loves Zoe!
Joseph wanted to show Elmo which one was his mommy!
He stood there in awe of Elmo, laughing and smiling so big.

Big smiles from Maddy!

This was Joseph's favorite ride. He kept saying "BOON" for balloon!
Nan and Pop with their grandbabies
Hi Pop

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