Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch/Hunt Club Farm

The first weekend in Oct. we took the children to the farm for a fun morning! I learned my lesson last year that if you go earlier in Oct. it is a LOT less crowded. Joseph's best buddy Logan came with his mommy and the boys had a blast running around together. Maddy just hung out and was a good girl. We had a great time!
Which pumpkin should we get???
Hey Logan, look over there.....I see some white ones!
Joseph wanted this one...

The hay was poking J in the back, so I couldn't get a great pic of the two of them, but this is the best I got!
Sweet girl!

Uh oh! Joseph is in the cockpit and daddy is the back seater! :)
Joseph's first pony ride...
He liked it!
Not too sure about the tea cups though...
Checking out the ducks..

Climbing the hay stack...

Hayride with mommy...

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