Thursday, October 14, 2010

September happenings

Sorry for not updating the blog for a while! I've been a very busy momma these days! A friend recently told me that having 1 child is like having 1 and having 2 children is like having 20! She is so right!!! Anyway, we are all doing well and are really enjoying these fall months! The weather is finally cooling down and it feels great outside! Joseph is having the best time playing in our backyard and also at the neighborhood park lately. He loves swinging and going on slides! He also likes hanging from bars (which tends to scare mommy quite a bit), but nevertheless he certainly enjoys doing "boy" things! :)

Joseph seems to really enjoy preschool. Up until today he has been crying when I drop him off and having some separation anxiety until I leave the room. We had parent/teacher conferences this week and thankfully the teacher talked about how sweet little Joseph is and assured me that he settles right down and has a wonderful rest of his morning playing and learning! I actually peak my head in the door when I come to pick him up to see him in action and he's always happy and busy! I was so proud of him this morning. He went right in the class and NO TEARS this time!!! What a big boy!!! I am so glad that we found such a great Christian preschool for him and I LOVE it! They are so good to him and do so many fun activities! They have a fall festival next week that we get to attend. The teachers take his class of 8 kids to chapel once/week (it's just right down the hall from his class) to talk about bible stories and God, and they pray before snack in the mornings! I got to see pics of all 8 of the sweet children sitting on the rug during circle time and listening to Ms. Brenda read a story and do a felt board activity. Joseph continues to LOVE books so he probably really looks forward to circle time! :)

Madelyn is growing up right before my eyes! She recently learned to sit up all by herself and is also now taking great naps and sleeping really good at night! Mommy is starting to feel rested again! LOL! She takes a long morning and afternoon nap and then usually takes a small cat nap around 5pm. Both Joseph and Maddy are in bed by 7:30pm each night and they are usually asleep by 7:40pm! They also both sleep until around 7 or 7:30am! Sometimes Maddy nurses around 2-3am and goes right back to sleep. I LOVE that they both do so well on schedules as I'm a schedule type of person!

I've posted some pics from Sept. below. I'll try to do a few more posts in the next couple of days with some October pics!

They opened a new play area on the beach down at the oceanfront and it's wonderful! We've taken Joseph there several times and he has so much fun. It's called Grommet Island Beach Park! Here he is having a great time at that play area.....

Daddy and Maddy
Balance Beam
The was a tunnel at the park he was crawling thru and I got him to look out of the hole! So cute!
We went to the airshow at Oceana a couple weeks ago! Here is Joseph saying "Hi Baby"!
Pointing to Hello Kitty on Maddy's bow!

Joseph and Jackson playing at the door.
This is Jackson's little brother Jacob (AKA Maddy's boyfriend) who was born 2 weeks before her).

Happy Babies!
Uh Oh! Maddy didn't want to be touched anymore. Poor Jacob. He didn't know why she was so sad.
My princess is growing up. 6 months already! Time is flying!
Maddy adores her big brother. Anytime he comes to play with her, she smiles so big and just loves watching him!
The bath pictures have started! Haha!

Maddy and her friend Matthew. Matthew and Maddy share the exact same birthday (March 18, 2010)and were born only 3 hours apart!!!! So cool!!!
Matthew and his mommy...

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