Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We've been busy with playdates lately. A couple of Maddy's friends came over to have a little girl time! They were so sweet playing together and such precious little girls! :)Maddy and sweet Chyler were observing Amelia do her new trick....clapping!!!
Go Amelia!
Such cuties!
Boy time too! They threw ALL the balls out and all over the house. Boys will be boys! :)
Another playdate at the park. Joseph's favorite place is the park these days!
Joseph's BFF Logan is getting off the slide. Joseph learned to climb UP the slide and insists on doing it all the time. Mommy tries hard to tell him we go DOWN the slide and go UP the stairs (just like I had to tell my 1st graders over and over again). Maybe he learned this at preschool???
It was a pumpkin playdate and we all brought something made of pumpkin. I made a pumpkin dip that you dip ginger snap cookies in. So yummy!

Another playdate for Maddy!
And Joseph got to go too! Thankfully a good number of friends in Joseph's play group have younger siblings that are around Maddy's age so both kids get to play!
I see you!

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