Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sibling Love

It's tough to get both of our children in pictures together these days, but I managed to get a few in the past 2 weeks! I also just learned how to make my pictures appear bigger on this blog! Not sure how often I will be able to do this though b/c I have to edit the html on EVERY picture after I upload it to the blog......which = too time-consuming for me.

Joseph has a Thanksgiving program and feast at school this week! That should be interesting! We'll see if he decides to stay on the stage during his song once he sees "mama" in the audience! :) Madelyn is so very close to crawling, but poor thing can't figure out how to move her arms. She loves to do the downward dog yoga pose all the time where she puts her hands and feet flat on the floor and her bottom straight up in the air! It's super cute!

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Here is an example of the smaller pics that you usually see on my blog....

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  1. M's big blue eyes are SOOOOO adorable! Love the new pics. And ditto about having to edit the HTML - pain in the rear! Love ya, Candace