Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

We enjoyed the month of December and we sure stayed busy. Joe and I attended his squadron Christmas party w/ VFA 32 on Dec. 2nd and the next evening we took the children to see the Christmas parade at the oceanfront here in Va Beach. I went to a squadron wives Christmas party the following weekend and we also took the children to see the beautiful Christmas lights that were set up on the boardwalk and in the sand at the beach. We drove down the boardwalk in our car and the children loved it! The stomach bug hit our house the 2nd week in December and we all caught it. Hopefully that bug will stay away the rest of the winter. Yuck! The 3rd weekend in December I took my mom and Madelyn to see the Nutcracker performed by Madelyn's dance studio. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it! Joseph had his Christmas party at school the next week and he also had a Christmas program w/ all the children from the preschool. Joseph gets a little stage fright and usually just stands and/or sits very still and doesn't open his mouth to sing. I still love seeing him up on stage even if my little guy gets a little nervous. :) We enjoyed spending some time w/ my parents on Christmas Eve and we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. (I just noticed I've used the word CHRISTMAS a ton in his blog post. Your assignment is to count how many times I used that word and I will post the answer at the end). Santa came and look what he left under the tree......
Maddy found half of an m&m chocolate chip cookie that Santa must have left on the plate. She helped herself to it before opening any gifts. Smart girl! :)
Joseph had asked Santa for a jet w/ a banner flying behind that Santa sure had to get creative! Joseph opened his banner and it had his name on it!
Then he opened his jet. Later that day he told us that jets don't have banners behind them...only airplanes do. Oh Joseph!
He also got a BIG firetruck!
And Maddy got a Cabbage Patch Kid doll!
And a baby doll stroller that she loves :)
Nan and Pop came over Christmas morning to see what santa brought!
Here is Joseph w/ all his goodies...
And Madelyn with all of hers...
Santa brought an Ernie duck pond game that both Joseph and Madelyn really like....
And Maddy got a dog that she can walk....
That money smells good....huh Maddy?!!! Thank you Gramma Sue and Grampa Joe for the $ and the special savings bonds for both kids!!!
Joseph was proud of his $ too!
Santa brought Joseph and Maddy matching fleece outfits and since it was pretty chilly Christmas day they got to wear them outside!
Joe and I got this new swing set for the kids. We found it on Craigslist for a great deal! It's a Rainbow Play set and was priced just right (and only a few years old). Joe spent an entire weekend re-staining it and assembling it. So far it's been a big hit!

Joseph also asked santa for a remote control truck and daddy made it chase Joseph in the yard and Joseph squealed w/ excitement.
Santa knew Maddy loves her brother's raincoat, rain boots, and he brought her a set of her own!

One of Nan and Pop's camping club friends GAVE them a nice power wheels and tricycle that their grandson had outgrown. So Pop worked on the power wheels to get it running again (needed a new battery) and Joseph was soooooo happy! It even has a switch on it to dump things out of the back dump area!

Maddy having fun on her tricycle at Nan and Pop's house!
As soon as Joseph got off the power wheels, Maddy ran to jump on it. She is ALL about keeping up w/ her brother these days and whatever he does, she will certainly attempt. She put her foot on the pedal and off she went. It scared the mess out of me and Pop as we were standing right there and the two of us ran to get her foot off the pedal immediately. She's not quite big enough to be riding a power wheels, although she would surely disagree if you asked her. :)
Nan and Pop got her a pink car more appropriate for her age and she's happy in it!
We had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party and Joseph REALLY wanted to blow out the candle. In fact, he insists on blowing out EVERYONE'S candles when we celebrate birthdays. Notice the nice long line of drool/spit that is flying out of his mouth and all over the cupcakes. Oh yes...this is how our 3 year old blows out candles. Haha!
Joseph also got a scooter from Nan and Pop and it looks like everyone is having a blast on it.
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas this year.
Christmas was used 12 times! :)

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