Friday, July 3, 2009

1st Boat Ride

Joseph went on his first boat ride in Pop's boat on June 30! Not sure why he hasn't gone sooner, but after seeing how much he loved it, he will certainly have to go again! He sat in my lap so calm and loved the breeze in his face! We wish Daddy was there to enjoy the ride too, but he's working hard in Key West, (and doing a little fishing on his time off down there too)!
This is when we just got on the boat...
Agoo had to come on his first boat ride also....

Nana always makes things fun...
Maybe if I'm lucky.....Pop will let me drive the boat!!!!

He did! He did! Look mom, I'm already a great driver! Can you get me my own boat now since I'm a pro?!!

This is how J spent most of his boat a daze, relaxed, and soaking it all in! :)
Click on the triangle below to watch the video!!!

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  1. It looks like Joseph did better with the life jacket than Blair did on her first boat trip. Blair hated it! My moms neighbors have a boat that we go out on in this same area. We love it! Were there any dolphins out in the bay?