Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our weekend...

Joseph and I took a little road trip on Friday to visit my parents at a rv park in Surry, VA (The Pork and Peanut Festival). They were camping in their motorhome for the week and my sister-in-law and nephew were there for a couple of days too! It was about a 1 and 1/2 hour drive for us. Before we left the house I thought of a system that would keep Joseph entertained while he was riding along. I put about 15 of his smaller toys in a bag up in the front seat with me. As he started to get a little fussy, I'd hand him toy. He'd play with it for about 5 min and then either throw it or drop it, so I'd hand him a new one. By the time we got to Surry, he was on his last toy from the bag! :) When we arrived at the rv park we ate lunch in the motorhome and then got ready for the pool. We got everything to the pool (that's no easy task with a 1 year old) and it was really humid and hot outside. Nan, Pop, Lisa, Jordan, Joseph, and I were all sweating and couldn't wait to jump in and take a swim. I managed to get in the pool and go under ONCE before the lifeguards blew the whistle and told us all to get out b/c they heard thunder. So we only swam for about 2 minutes and then headed back to the motorhome until the bad storm passed. Joseph napped during most of the storm in his pack-n-play back in the bedroom part of the motorhome. It was raining hard and thundering so loud, but that boy must have been exhausted b/c he slept so good! We then went to a "pot luck" dinner with the other camping friends that are in my parents' camping club. Joseph enjoyed his day trip of camping! (This is my style of camping....I'm more the indoor type...haha....hopefully Joseph will be more like his daddy and love the outdoors)!

Joseph spending time with his aunt and cousin inside the motorhome...

Water bottle fun...
Swimming with Nan for 2 minutes

Cleo thinks she's still the baby in the house so here is how our day started out on Saturday...

Joseph had some fun licking the water on his sprinkler mat..
Daddy wanted to take Joseph to the Navy barber for the first time on Saturday afternoon and he actually LOVED the clippers! No crying this time! (His first haircut was not so fun with lots of tears a couple months ago. They used scissors last time).

What happened??? I got all my hair cut off....
Hey mommy...I LOVE this feels great!!!
I went to a new salon by our house and got mine cut too...just some longer layers..

Today we went to the beach at Sandbridge. They have a really fun play area for children right down on the beach. Here is Joseph having fun before we headed down to the water..

Daddy went out surfing for a little while, but he said the waves were really small and not good today.
He also brought his kite to fly..

Under the pier....
Yummy...this sand tastes great!

Mom, why are you always acting so silly to make me laugh???

What a fun beach trip! Now Joseph is napping away in his crib at home and I get some computer time! Yay!

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