Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oceana Air show

This past weekend was the last air show that Joe will be flying in....and it was right here in Va Beach! Joe had a successful air show season and we are so very proud of him! His parents, grandmother, uncle, and college friends came down to visit and watch him fly. Unfortunately the weather was not so good as it was windy, rainy, and cold. We weren't even sure if he would be able to fly at all, but thankfully he was able to atleast take off and do a couple of passes on Saturday. He did not have the weather to be able to fly his complete demo show, but he was allowed to do a few high speed passes and a touch and go. His flights got canceled on Friday and Sunday b/c of the weather.

Regardless of the weather, we made the best of it and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends! Here are the shirts I had made for Joseph and I to wear to the show!

A big thanks to Gramma Sue and Great Gramma Capalbo for watching Joseph on Friday night so I could go with Joe and his dad to the performers party at the O Club! I felt like a rock star when I got my picture taken with Joe's blue angel friend Major Chris "Kitty" Collins! Joe and Chris flew together on Joe's first deployment when we were stationed in Lemoore.
Here is proud Gramma Capalbo (Gram) and Uncle Jude watching Joe take off!
Joe's college friends came down from Northern Va and Connecticut to see him.

Gramma Sue, Grampa Joe, and Joseph amazed by the planes!

Oh mom....why do I have to wear these ear muffs??? I look silly!

Taking off...

Headed to park the plane after flying...
Our family!

Joseph loves his Gramma and Grampa!
Joe and his grandmother
Joseph loves for Gramma to read to him
He loves for Gram to read to him too!
My friend Jamie made this beautiful cake for us!

Joseph loves his sisters....Mocha and Tally (Gramma and Grampa's dogs)! Not sure if Tally is a big fan of Joseph, but Mocha let him play! Check out this video!

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  1. Joseph looked adorable in his shirt. You did a good job!