Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Girl

I had another 3D ultrasound the week of Christmas and I was 24 weeks pregnant. Baby girl looks good! I have another u/s in the next few weeks to check my placenta. We hope and pray that she will keep cooking inside until her due date. My due date is April 8, but my doctor will deliver at 39 weeks since I'm having a repeat I might have an April Fool's baby!

My sweet little girl giving us a little smile!Cute face with mommy's nose
Who needs a big brother to do the choke hold, when she can do it to herself?
YAWN! She was worn out this day. She yawned 5 times during the 30 minute ultrasound.

We counted ALL her fingers and toes! They are all there! Joe thinks she has his toes (skinny and long).

Yum, yum! These toes taste great!

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  1. So exciting! My hubby's b-day is April 1st, mine is April 5th, and Sierra's is April 10th. April babies are the best!!!! :) Hope to see you soon!