Friday, January 29, 2010

Heart Beating Strong!

Just wanted to update everyone on Baby girl's heart. I went back to my dr on Wed. to get my Rhogam shot (I have A negative blood so I have to get this shot once during pregnancy, and then again after the baby is born). As soon as I was taken back into a room, and before I even had time to ask, the nurse practitioner said "Let's listen to your baby's heartbeat again and see if it's back to normal". I was so relieved when she said this b/c I was planning to ask if they would listen again since it was irregular on Monday. Well, the heartbeat was strong, loud, steady, and normal this time around!!!! It was the best sound I had heard all day (well, that and hearing Joseph laugh). She assured me that everything sounded great, but they were still referring me to the specialist to do the EKG ultrasound. I still hadn't received a call to set up my ultrasound and was beginning to wonder if they were going to make me wait a couple weeks before getting in to see these high risk doctors. Thankfully that afternoon I got the call and they said they could see me Thursday (yesterday) at 2:30pm! I was most relieved!

Joe had his last flight with his squadron yesterday so I went in the morning to go watch his flight while Nana came over to stay with Joseph. Unfortunately his right engine failed and he had to do any emergency landing at the base and catch the wire with his tail hook on the runway to stop his jet. I watched it all happen and must say I was pretty nervous when I saw several fire trucks, an ambulance, and emergency vehicles all racing out meet him on the runway. His jet blew a tire when he landed, but he got the jet on the ground safely and was ok. What an eventful last flight! I'm sure he will miss flying the next couple of months while he's at safety school, but he'll be able to get back in the jet again by the end of March or beginning of April!

Joe and I headed to Norfolk yesterday afternoon for my appt while my mom (AKA Nana) stayed with little Joseph. We waited almost an entire hour before they called me back for the ultrasound. This waiting seems to be happening to me a lot lately at various dr appts for myself and for Joseph. When we finally got called back, the ultrasound tech did a VERY thorough ultrasound that lasted almost an hour. She went over the heart about 5 different times to make sure everything was ok. She measued all the bones, organs, and head of our sweet baby girl and told us that baby girl was currently weighing 3 lb 5 oz and looked absolutely perfect! She then told me she had to go get the Echo cardiogram ultrasound specialist to see if she needed to take a closer look at the heart and valves just to double check and put my mind at ease. So, that lady came in and did another 30 min. ultrasound of just the heart and zoomed in to look at the chambers and each valve. I asked her if she saw any abnormal features of her heart or a hole in it and she quickly said, "No, it looks beautiful with no problems". She assured me that baby girl's heart looked like a text book version of a very healthy heart and that it couldn't look or sound any more perfect! It was so comforting to hear both of these ladies tell us that baby girl was healthy. Joe and I left that appt. feeling relieved and grateful that God has given us a healthy baby girl that is continuing to grow well. The drs think the irregular heartbeat that was picked up at my appt. on Monday was due to the chocolate I had eaten earlier that day and also that the heart is still immature and continuing to grow. So, NO MORE CHOCOLATE FOR ME until after this little girl is born! I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive Valentine's Day and resist all that wonderful milk chocolate, but I can do it!!!! Gotta do it for this baby girl! :)

Thank you for all your prayers! We know that God is in control and he has a plan for our sweet princess!

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  1. Cynthia, I am so glad to hear that. You all were definitely in my thoughts and prayers!