Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Madelyn is 1 month old!

Madelyn turned 1 month old on April 18th! You can probably tell that I'm having a the best time dressing my sweet little princess up! Sometimes she gets all dressed up and we don't even leave the house! :)

Here are a few things about her........She has quickly figured out that she would much rather be held than put down by herself. Could you blame her?!! She continues to nurse every 2-3 hours day and night. We hope she will start sleeping longer stretches at night soon. If she doesn't start sleeping longer on her own, I will start sleep training her after she turns 2 months old. I know the importance of her getting good, quality sleep, so I feel that sleep training is essential to helping her develop good sleeping habits. Also, she has developed a good day time routine of sleep, eat, play (in that order) and this routine seems to help her get the rest that she needs during the day. Madelyn is suffering from reflux just like her brother did. She is currently on zantac, but that doesn't seem to help with her pain, so she is scheduled to see a G.I. dr at the end of May. I hate that her pediatrician won't prescribe anything more than zantac, and we have to wait another month for her to get some relief. Madelyn weighed 6lb 5oz at birth and tonight I weighed her on our baby scale and she was 8lb 12.5oz!

Joseph seems to enjoy having a baby sister and often wants to touch her head and hair, and of course steal her paci! He continues to be very gentle with his little sister! Joseph's latest change is that we converted his crib this week (took the front off) and put the toddler rail on. This happened after I caught him teetering over the front rail on his tummy and about to do a head dive out of his crib. He LOVES the freedom of getting in and out of his bed, and sometimes has to be put back in his bed several times for nap time. He fell out of his crib :( the first night we put the toddler rail up, but quickly learned to sleep away from the opening of the rail and hasn't fallen out since. Thankfully his mattress is very low to the floor/carpet, so he didn't hurt himself by falling.

Here are some pics of Miss Madelyn being cute....

Play time!

Tummy time...

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