Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joe's last week home with us

Joe left for deployment last week. We sure miss him, but love getting the daily emails from him while he is away! He even called us this week from the carrier too!

Here is Joe with his baby girl the morning I took him to the airport to fly to Bahrain. His flight was over 14 and 1/2 hours and he was for sure tired when he arrived.

Joe's last pic with Joseph before he left.

We took the children to the Botanical Gardens for Joseph to play in the fountains.

Joseph wasn't too sure about the fountains. He actually wouldn't even go near them. :( He seems to be afraid of the water this spring/summer. I've been trying to get him used to the water again the past couple of weeks. He LOVED swimming and playing in the water last summer, and continues to love taking baths each night, so we're not too sure why he seems to be afraid of swimming this year.

Madelyn enjoyed laying out on the grass (even if it was for only 5 minutes)!

Joe and Joseph haven't a great time with the ball!

Tummy Time!

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  1. Continuing to pray for you. I love all the pictures. Hope to see you guys soon. :)