Sunday, May 30, 2010

Madelyn is 2 months old!

Our baby girl is already 2 months old! Time sure flies! She's been in a bunch of pain the past 2 months with this terrible reflux. She's been to the G.I. dr and started taking medicine for it at 1 month old. She had her 2 month well baby visit last week with her new dr. (we switched pediatricians recently). The new dr felt so sad for her b/c she cried, and cried, and cried, the entire time we were there. I told the dr that this is how the past 2 months have been. Madelyn has been crying NONSTOP all day long, half the night, and has been in so much pain. She told me to stop the nexium that she was on since she wasn't getting any relief from that med. She prescribed prevacid solutabs and I was hesitant with that b/c that was the 2nd medicine that Joseph tried and it did NOTHING for him. Well, wouldn't you know, my crying, miserable baby was an entirely different baby the day after we started giving her the prevacid! She no longer seems to be in much pain and she "hangs out" without crying nonstop!!!!! She is now a happy baby!!!!! The current dose of prevacid seems to work great during the day, but her pain returns in the evenings. She arches her back and screams when the reflux comes up at night. I am planning to call her dr this week and see about increasing her dose so she can get the meds in the evening too instead of just once/day. She's still waking to nurse every 2-3 hours and until I know she is not in pain anymore, I will keep getting up with her. We're all about sleep training, but I want to make sure she feels better before we start that!

Here are some pics of our sweet princess at 2 months old....

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