Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day at my parent's house. Here is my mom with Madelyn as she's getting ready to nap!Joseph and Maddy sent me some beautiful flowers on Mother's Day with their daddy's help! I wanted a good Mother's Day pic to send to Joe on the carrier, and we must have taken about 100 pics of me and kids. I thought it was hard enough trying to get one kid to smile for the camera, but now with two, it's almost impossible to get everyone happy and looking at the camera!

Take 1....I'm trying to get the fake hot dog out of Joseph's mouth
Take 2....Joseph's screaming...Madelyn's ok, but looking all off somewhere else :)

Take 3....Joseph's calmed down, but now Madelyn's screaming....

Take 4....a decent picture, but we had to have fake hamburger patty in it...

So then, we moved outside to try again....

Ok, one more....SMILE!!!!!

At this point, both kids are OVER taking pics. We tried to get a good pic, but daddy got the best laugh out of the ones that we did get! :)

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