Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rubber Ducky Heaven!!!

Joseph was given a special rubber ducky by my Aunt Lucy (one of my mom's sisters) when he was just a couple of months old! Rubber ducky had a cute little blue paci in his mouth and a white diaper with a blue pin. This toy ran a very close 2nd to being Joseph's favorite toy (next in line with "Agoo"). Joseph spent tons of time carrying ducky around in his mouth. Well, you can imagine how very sad he was when we LOST rubber ducky at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago. I called the restaurant and begged them to look in their lost in found for rubber ducky.....but no luck. I searched online and in stores for the same rubber ducky that we lost, but no luck there either. I even bought him a replacement ducky that I thought was somewhat similar, but of course that one wouldn't do. I told my aunt the sad news of how rubber ducky was lost. She went back to the gift shop where she found ducky and to our surprise she found the very same one again, along with many other rubber ducky friends!!!! We received a box full of new rubber duckies in the mail yesterday and Joseph was one happy little boy!!! Thank you Aunt Lucy for finding rubber ducky again! Joseph is now in rubber ducky heaven!!!!

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  1. Isn't it so funny (and cute) how they get attached to certain things?!?! I just love it!!! :)