Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow and surgery

Last weekend we got lots of snow! Well, it was a lot to us since it rarely snows in Va Beach. We got a little over 6 inches and there was ice on the roads. It was beautiful to see a winter wonderland outside with snow covering everything! Here are the massive icicles that formed on our house.

Joseph LOVES going outside and here was his happy little face when I asked him "Do you want to go outside?". We showed him the snow outside from the window before we got him dressed, but I don't think he quite understood until he got out in it.

His happy little face turned a little sad. I think Joseph is like his mommy....loves the beach, and doesn't care too much for the cold snow.

At first, he tried walking down the driveway in the snow.

He got sad, so daddy pushed him in his car to make the snow a little more fun.
He's not so sure what to think of all this snow.
Sitting in daddy's truck wishing he could get back inside.


Day 2 in the snow. I managed to make him smile just for a second.

Is somebody going to come get me?

Mommy made some homemade snow ice cream. Yum yum!

Joseph had surgery on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd to get his adenoids removed and tubes put in both his ears. We had to arrive at the CHKD surgery center at 6:20am. Nan and Pop were already there waiting when we arrived. Joseph had to get changed out of his pajamas and into a hospital gown. Here he is in his gown.
The surgery went great and the dr was able to remove a ton of fluid from both his ears. The dr told us he was starting out with perfect hearing after this surgery since all the fluid was removed! Joseph had a difficult time waking up from the anesthesia. He was so very sad for the first hour so the nurse had to give him several doses of morphine and also some calming medication to help him relax. Joe rocked him as he was waking up and he still had his IV in his little hand.
Mommy's turn to rock Joseph. Bun bun and paci made him feel a little better.
We headed home around 11am and Joseph took a nap right away. He woke up and hungry and since he was able to go right back to his regular diet, he drank his cup of milk and ate puffs with Pop.
Gramma Sue and Grampa Joe sent Joseph a "Get Well" surprise. The balloons were tied to a fluffy puppy and Joseph had the best time carrying the balloons and puppy all around our house. Joseph continues to LOVE balloons and these certainly helped him to feel better.

Joseph seemed to be right back to his normal self the day after his surgery. We've given him tylenol every 4 hours to help with the swelling of his adenoids and pain. He has a little congestion right now in his nose and the dr. said that was very common for the first week or 2 after surgery. Joseph goes back to the ENT for a check up in 2 weeks to make sure everything is ok from his surgery and they will give him a hearing test to make sure he's hearing well. We sure hope this surgery helps him breathe better and not have any more ear infections. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers, during his surgery. We are thankful that it went well and are on the road to recovery!

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